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Snjezana Drumheller
Interior Designer
Snjezana "Snjez" Drumheller is from the former Yugoslavia, and has lived in the US for over half her life.  She has a diverse ability in interior design ranging from classical to contemporary.
H. Weston Drumheller
H "just H" Weston Drumheller has lived and worked as an architect in five states and one territory, has broad experience with climate zones and building department navigation.
About our architecture and interiors team:
Our team combines the architectural design talents of H. Weston Drumheller and Thomas M. Houha, with the interior design talents of Snjezana Drumheller to provide our clients with high-quality, personalized, residential and commercial design services.

We believe that our clients have a vision of what they want to create, and it is our job to facilitate bringing that vision into reality.  In so doing, we listen closely to you to ascertain your needs and goals, collaborate effectively with our team of hand-picked and time-tried consultants, and work diligently with building contractors during construction.  It is the combination of accurately assessing client goals, effectively working as a team, and representing the client’s needs during construction that make for successful projects.

Tom and I have over a half century of architectural experience between the two of us and have been working together on residential and commercial projects for over two decades. Snjezana apprenticed under nationally acclaimed award-winning interior designer James Taylor Roberts at Taylor Roberts, Inc. where she worked for over eight years.  We are a small firm, and we keep our projects at a number where a high level of personal attention can be maintained for each.  Clients like this because of the level of quality that can be attained along with the ability for us to respond to issues immediately when they come up especially in the permitting or construction phases.

Our design methodology focuses on quality, comfort, and energy conservation.  Using principals of passive solar design, providing ample insulation, and utilizing new technologies in building materials and heating systems, we craft residential and commercial designs which not only save money, but are also more comfortable and healthy for our clients, their families, staff, and clients.

Thank you for making the opportunity to review our firm.  Please feel free to call with any questions you may have, or to arrange a meeting to review additional portfolio materials, and to discuss the project that you have in mind.

Interested in learning more?
Thomas M. Houha
Thomas "Tom" M. Houha is an experienced project architect who's love for technology allows for fast output and improved quality.
See his 2-D and 3-D products and services at thomashouhadesigns.com/